Available from mid-August onwards

This is a variety of hazelnut. We have 18 acres of nut trees all of which have been planted within the last 10 years and this makes us one of the larger cobnut producers in Great Britain. There are a number of hazel varieties within the orchards including Filberts, Butlers, Ennis, Gunslebert and Kent Cobnuts. Preference seems to be to eat the nut whilst green, thus picking starts in mid-August.

Bentinck Farm is a member of the Kentish Cobnut Association which promotes the use and husbandry of nuts and the trees. Visit their website for more details.

We are principally suppliers to the wholesale trade through local distributers that link us to markets in the Midlands, Wales and South and South East England. The retail end includes restaurants, Grocers and street markets.

A number of famous restaurants have used our nuts including the Oxo Tower.