Terms and Conditions:

  1. Rental is for only 1 season (the season runs from March to October).
  2. Visiting dates are restricted to harvesting dates which will be advised to you via the email address that you register with us – if you want information sent to a different address then please make sure we are informed and have sent an acknowledgement back to you.  You are not permitted to access the farm outside of designated visiting periods, which will be advised via email. The restriction is to allow us the ability to manage the whole farm and for insurance purposes we cannot operate large machinery whist we have visitors. Any tree not cleared within the harvesting dates will be harvested by us the day after this period has expired to avoid fruit or nuts going to waste. If you have missed the harvesting dates that you have been notified of, unfortunately you have missed your chance to pick your fruit or nuts.
  3. We can provide you with an idea of the typical crop size for any given tree variety but we cannot guarantee it.  Your tree is yours for the season and thus whatever fruit it produces.  All fruit and nut trees tend to crop in cycles, so no two years are the same. The weather is unpredictable.  The weather around picking time can significantly impact a cherry crop, however imperfect (split) fruit is still great for cooking with, making jams or flavouring alcohol.  Likewise hail can damage apple crops but again this doesn’t necessarily impact the great taste.
  4. Please refrain from picking anyone else’s tree – you wouldn’t want that to happen to your own.  If you require more fruit please ask a member of staff who can sell you some of the farm fruit at good prices.
  5. We are currently unable to supply containers to pick into, so please make sure you bring your own.
  6. You will get notification of your unique tree number and we will keep a record in case you lose it so you will still be able to find your tree.  We would ask in that case that you bring some form of I.D. along with you.  Please note communications information in point 2 above.
  7. You are asked not to wander throughout the farm but to stick to areas which will be indicated on your arrival – this is as much for safety as any other reason.  Also please note the ground on a farm is not even and flat so please take extra care when walking about. You enter the farm at your own risk.
  8. For cherry tree renters, please note we do not net the trees but use compressed gas bird scarers which will be operating by emitting a loud bang every half hour or so.
  9. In accordance with the Consumer Protection Regulations Act (2000) we operate a 7 day ‘cooling-off’ period whereby for the 7 days immediately following the date of your purchase, you are entitled to a full refund.