Varieties grown include:

1) Eaters/desserts – Cox, Egremont Russet, Gala, Jonagold
2) Cooking – Bramley

Details of the apple orchards:

The Gala are separated into 4 orchards, two 3.5 acre and two 2 acre. They are mixed with Russet pollinators and in one orchard with Cox apples. They total 2,200 trees. Due to the general popularity we have expanded these orchards.

There is a one acre Jonagold orchard comprising 480 trees, of which 320 are Jonagold and 160 are Russett pollinators

The Bramley orchard is approximately 1.5 acres pollinated by and Crabapple (Mayliss) trees. There are a total of 510 dwarf-stock trees.

The Gala orchards average 12 years, the Jonagold are 10 years old, and the Bramley is 7 years old.

The apples come into season at the end of August and finish with the Jonagold in late October.